Nevada should allow high school sports

Nevada should allow high school sports

By Chris Gildone Posted: December 18, 2020

Don’t you just wish we could have high school sports back? I sure do, we should be able to have them back. Nevada is one of the few states that isn’t playing sports and we should be.

Nevada should play high school sports because several other states have proved that it can be done. Many of the other states are in the same situation as us. According to, Nevada is one of only four states that have postponed sports until 2021. Fourteen states are continuing with their regular schedules. The rest are playing an alternative schedule that will begin before 2020 ends or the season has already started. And sports may not have as big of an effect as you’d think they would. 

Many states have shown that it is possible to play without having a large spike in cases as some people were worried would happen. Correy Mitchel, a staff writer for Education Week wrote, “Herriman High, a 3,200-student school in Salt Lake County—where the mayor instituted a public mask mandate—hosted the first football game without a hitch.” 

We should be able to continue sports with some added precautions just like we have continued to go to school. 

The making, testing, and distribution of a cure can take a long time. Stuart A. Thompson, a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer and editor from New York Times wrote, “Our record for developing an entirely new vaccine is at least four years — more time than the public or the economy can tolerate social-distancing orders.” So getting a cure to the entire world will take a long time. “The grim truth behind this rosy forecast is that a vaccine probably won’t arrive any time soon,“ said Thompson. So we could be waiting years for a vaccine. 

We need to get on with our lives. Starting sports has been done successfully in other states like Idaho, Utah, Nebraska, and more have had sports, and we can too. A cure can take a while and most likely will, we should take the extra precautions and get sports up and running here in Nevada. 

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