New faces appearing in the Lowry crowd

New faces appearing in the Lowry crowd

By Otila Castenada Posted December 17, 2021

As a new school year comes along, new faces come around. New teachers at Lowry this year are Mr. Dave Munk, Mr. Zack Pruett, Mr. Gus Ramasco, Mr. Brett Westmoreland, and Mrs. Carolyn Magdaraog. Most of these teachers have already taught before in different schools or are starting to be full-time teachers.

Munk has taught for 25 years and started off teaching K-12 music, and he continues to teach band. In 1999 he came to Winnemucca and taught music and band at French Ford.

“We have a supportive administration that puts the needs of the students and teachers first,” said Munk.

Munk likes teaching along with the environment at Lowry. The progress made by the performing groups has been tremendous and hopes to continue to build on their great start. Munk wants to bring stability to the program and the students and provide a great experience for them.

This is Ramasco’s first year as a full-time teacher. He graduated from Lowry in 2009.

“I know just about the entire staff either as friends or former teachers/coaches so I like the tight-knit community above all else,” said Ramasco.

While finishing school, he spent one year at Western High School as a long-term substitute teacher. This year his goals are to grow into this role of teaching, as well as to excite his students with Biology.

Magdaraog has been teaching for 24 years. In the past, she has taught English as well as Special Education.

“I love working with the people here at Lowry – the admin, the teachers and staff, and the students,” said Magdaraog who co-teaches inclusion classes.

Pruett enjoys the environment and the school pride here at Lowry. He notices how students at this level are more involved in their education. Pruett was nervous to transition from a middle school level to high school but is grateful for the experience.

“Ultimately I enjoy the environment of the high school and having the wide array of students here ranging from freshmen just experiencing high school to the seniors getting ready to graduate and move on to the next step in their lives,“ said Pruett.

He would like to help all of his students to be successful as possible.

Westmoreland teaches English I and II. Before coming to work at Lowry he worked as a history teacher at Fernley High School.

“I am enjoying being back at Lowry. The students are proving to have a good work ethic and great attitudes,” said Westmoreland.