New Fish In the Lowry High School Sea

By Ashley Shurtliff and Brad Pearce Posted September 24, 2007

This year at Lowry High School, new staff have come to Lowry. While some have returned most are brand new.

At Lowry, we have two new administrators, five teachers, and one student teacher.

Our new administrators are Mrs. Debbie Watts the new Principal and Mr. Byron Jeppsen the new Vice-Principal. The new teachers are Mrs. Vickie Meissner an English teacher, Ms. Irene Kottke the new Art teacher, Mr. Brian Mahoney a Math teacher, Mrs. René Hill an English and Speech teacher, and Mrs. Molina the new Special Education teacher. The new student teacher is Mr. Tyrell Lucas who is doing a great job working with Mr. Ron Beck. Each of these staff members has brought a unique touch to the learning atmosphere, with their diverse backgrounds. 

While all these staff members are now in Winnemucca, not all of them have lived here all their lives. Mrs. Watts has lived in Kentucky, Ohio, Texas, Nebraska, and Colorado, while Mr, Jeppsen has lived here in Winnemucca, other places in Nevada and in Utah. 

Mr. Lucas has lived in Wyoming, Oregon, California , and in Nevada, Mrs. Molina has lived in Wisconsin for an astounding 22 years! 

Mrs. Meissner has lived throughout the states of California and Nevada, and also in British Columbia, and Ms. Kottke lived in Battle Mountain all her life until college which was in Georgia.

Mr. Mahoney lived in Wyoming, Oklahoma, and California, and Mrs. Hill has lived in Arizona, Colorado, and here in Nevada.

With the influences from the different places that our staff members have lived, this year at Lowry we are looking forward to the great experiences and different teaching styles to further students in education. 

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