New officers elected

By Esmeralda Aguilar Posted March 12, 2009

Election time has come around the corner once again. This year, elections were a little bit more interesting. The usually unopposed office of Student Body President had two candidates this year. Bradley Pearce and Andrea Vaca ran for this position, while all other Student Body Officer candidates ran unopposed.

Several other class offices had two candidates as well. For Junior Class Vice- President, Arline Franco and Gaudy Cantañeda ran against each other, while the other two class offices went unopposed. Megan Guild and Jacob Carver ran against each other for Sophomore Class Vice-President.

“I hope to be the best I can,” stated Luis Gutierrez, the newly elected Junior Class President. This statement was reiterated by the numerous elected officers.

Andrea Vaca, the 09/10 Student Body President stated, “I’m really excited and feel super supported by my fellow peers. I want to have really cool pep assemblies and find new activities to make everyone happy.”

Here are the new class officers:

Andrea Vaca 
Oscar Gonzalez 
Shanel Brown 
Alicia Kelly 
Brandi Brooks 

Skylar Estes 
Amaya Drake 
Brad Pearce 

Luis Gutierrez 
Gaudy Castañeda 
Kailynn Winheim 

Chase Estes 
Megan Guild 
Tyler Duran 

Whitney Waller 
Jordan Thomas 
Sarah Gillespie 

Student Body President
Student Body Vice President
Student Body Treasurer
Student Body Secretary
Student Body Historian

Senior Class President
Senior Class Vice President
Senior Class Secretary/Treasurer

Junior Class President
Junior Class Vice President
Junior Class Secretary/Treasurer

Sophomore Class President
Sophomore Class Vice President
Sophomore Class Secretary/Treasurer

Freshmen Class President
Freshmen Class Vice President
Freshmen Class Secretary/Treasurer

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