New Staff of the Month

New Staff of the Month

By Yoana Chavez & Bertha Solis Posted October 12, 2011

NOTE: This story provided by the Leadership Class

Well, it’s the start of a new year, and this year Albert M. Lowry High School is proud to welcome their new staff members.

We asked them these questions:

  • What made you come to Lowry?
  • How many years have you been teaching?
  • What do you like about Lowry?
  • Did you play any sports in high school?
  • What is your fondest memory of high school?
  • Who is your favorite superhero?
  • What is your favorite hobby?

Mr. Meyer is a proud new staff member for Lowry. This will be Mr. Meyer’s first but not last year of teaching. Mr. Meyer appreciates the school spirit and the pride that the Lowry students show. Mr. Meyer ended up here at Lowry by hearing that Lowry needed a welding teacher and here he is. A marvelous memory from Mr. Meyer from high school would definitely have to be shop class. Mr. Meyer played golf in high school. Some of his hobbies are golf, hunting, fishing, camping, and long walks on the beach. Mr. Meyer’s #1 superhero would have to be Batman. Mr. Meyer, we hope you have a marvelous first year in teaching and in Lowry High.

Mrs. Bidart is very proud to become an astonishing new member at Lowry High School. This will be Mrs. Bidart’s fifteenth year of teaching. Mrs. Bidart is really enjoying Lowry and all the welcoming students and staff members. Before coming to Lowry, Mrs. Bidart was a Literacy Specialist at the Grammar school, but due to funding, she came to Lowry as a terrific Librarian and she is absolutely thrilled with her new job.

In Mrs. Bidart’s day, there weren’t any girl’s sports, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t have fun. An enjoyable memory of high school was her junior year at Prom. One of Mrs. Bidart’s hobbies is she adores reading and playing with her grandchildren. Her chosen superhero would have to be Wonder Woman. Mrs. Bidart, happy fifteenth year of teaching, we are glad you are here at Lowry.

This will be Mr. Williams’ second year of teaching, but his first year at Lowry. Mr. Williams grew up in Ely, then spent one-year teaching in Ely then drove up here for the summer. Mr. Williams says that “Lowry is amazing so far. The kids are great, and the lack of air conditioning in my room is fantastic.”

Mr. Williams played some sports in high school which included football, basketball, and baseball. One extraordinary memory of high school for Mr. Williams’ was his baseball team won the state title, his junior year. One of his hobbies besides teaching Math would have to be fly fishing. His chosen superhero would have to be Batman. Mr. Williams, we hope you have an amazing first year at Lowry with plenty more years to come.

Mrs. Mattson is very thrilled to be teaching at Lowry. Mrs. Mattson has been a substitute for five years but this will be her first year teaching. She really appreciates how welcoming the student body is to the new teachers and substitutes teachers. Mrs. Mattson went to school to become a high school science teacher.

She grew up here and enjoyed the idea of teaching at a school she attended. A pleasant memory of high school when she went here was they used to have some phenomenal snake dances down the main street for homecoming. Mrs. Mattson played volleyball and basketball when she was in high school. Her prized hobby would have to be coaching her boys in sports. Mrs. Mattson does not have a favorite superhero but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any heroes. Her loveable heroes would have to be her boys Ren, Kole, and TJ. Mrs. Mattson, we wish you luck in your first year of teaching and are glad to have you here at Lowry.

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