Obama campaign promise fact check

Obama campaign promise fact check

By Marcos Duran-Saldeco Posted April 17, 2013

Many people ask, and even more want to know “Did President Obama keep the promises he made during his campaign and the State of the Union?” According to Politifact.com, and FactCheck.org, he kept most of his promises; some of his promises concerned Immigration, Gun Control, the Economy, the Foreclosure Prevention Fund, and preventing Cyber Corporate Espionage, to allow for Americans to purchase imported prescription drugs, and the Hurricane Sandy Aid. Mrs. Laura Mercado gave her opinions on whether the President kept, broke, or will keep his promises.

On immigration, President Obama recently suggested an immigration reform that is likely to be passed by congress. That’s one promise kept. Mercado said, “This promise has the best chance of being kept. Both parties agree that something has to be done about this, and the President is working with Congress to pass a bill.”

As for Gun Control, he is currently working non-stop to achieve this and has the majority of the public’s support, because of the many recent mass shootings, starting with the Batman Shooting in Colorado. This promise is in the works and is very likely to be kept.

“This will be the hardest promise to be passed if it even makes it. The Republicans in Congress threatened to filibuster any bill the President tried to pass,” said Mercado.

California has the nation’s only program to confiscate guns from people who bought them legally but later became disqualified. / Wally Skalij • MCT
California has the nation’s only program to confiscate guns from people who bought them legally but later became disqualified. / Wally Skalij • MCT

Lowering the deficit was another promise made by the President. During his first term, the President did a fair job on it, making it decrease slowly but steadily with a couple of bumps. So far, it is still too soon to say if he helped or hurt it. This is a promise that is in a compromise.

“This is a long-term problem, so it requires a long-term solution. I don’t think one president will be able to do it. If anything, the country really needs to go on a budget,” said Mercado.

The Foreclosure Prevention Fund was one of the President’s broken promises. He promised it during his 2008 campaign, and his administration almost completely ignored it. He promised to keep it this election, but I think this promise doesn’t have a remedy. Since Nevada has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the nation, this is really important to us.

“This is huge in Nevada, and I think, if both parties really worked on it, then it might make it,” said Mercado.

As for the prevention of Corporate Cyber Espionage, he funded the FBI to enforce this, and he recently signed a bill to assist them. This is a promise kept.

Another promise made by President Obama was to allow Americans to purchase imported prescription drugs as long as they were safe to use. These were blank words spoken by the president, which quickly blended into the background for the rest of the 2008 campaign. This is an irretrievable promise.

Finally, is the Hurricane Sandy Aid. After Hurricane Sandy struck, President Obama visited the affected areas and promised to help the people that were affected in every way he could. So far, many people have been helped, but more still need help. This promise is in the works.

These are some of the biggest promises made by the President. If you want to see more, visit www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/promises/obameter/.