New class officers share their plans

New class officers share their plans

By Leticia Gomez Posted April 17, 2013

It was a long couple of weeks of campaigning, but we finally made a decision as to who we thought would be best at running our classes and our student body. The new presidents for each class are Kaity Sample for freshmen, Kylie Hilbish for sophomores, Brycen Prokasky for juniors, Maeve Donovan for seniors, and Taylor LaTray for student body president.

All the presidents have a new plan for their classes next year and they were all kind enough to share them with “The Brand”.

Upcoming freshman Kaity Sample said her plan for her freshman class is to make their first year at Lowry not only enjoyable but memorable. She wants to try and accomplish many things as the president. She will be making an effort to plan things to bring her class closer together and make changes to help make her peers want to come to school. Sample also has many great and fun ideas for fundraising and charity events but she can’t promise all her ideas will actually become more than an idea but she will try her hardest. Also to get her classmates to participate, Sample will make sure there is plenty of advertising and she will ensure that most events planned will accommodate with most everyone’s schedules. Sample will also have an ear out to try and take in any suggestions from her freshman class. She hopes she will be a fantastic president and make 2013/2014 the best she can.

Sophomore president Kylie Hilbish’s plan was short and sweet.

She said, “My plans are, to get our class more involved in things we do such as gym and hallway decorating, fundraisers and other things along that line. I want our class to come together as a whole, but everybody’s participation counts. Also, I have some great ideas for fundraisers for our class next year. I want to make our sophomore year fun and memorable. ”

Junior president Brycen Prokasky said that there are only two things that he can share because the rest is classified between him and the other junior officers. Prokasky wants to raise enough money so that his class can have a nice prom, not a prom out in the parking lot. Secondly, he feels like he has to do something to get his class more involved and he thinks that it starts with a much-needed makeover. And that was all Prokasky could share of his many plans for his classes junior year.

Senior president Maeve Donovan has quite a few plans for her class’s last year at Lowry High. She said that her main plan, as of right now, is to use one of the senior lockers as a “help” locker. It’ll be used so that the students can actually share their ideas and have a voice.

Student body president Taylor LaTray said, “I plan to get the Leadership students together over the summer to fundraise and with that money, we will buy different things to enable our assemblies to be more fun. An idea box will be set up in Lowry next year as well so I know what the students want to see, it’s going to be super dandy.”