October Students of the Month

October Students of the Month

By Mary Castaneda  Posted October 24, 2011

NOTE: This story provided by the Leadership Class

This month we had four students of the month who all show great qualities of leadership and other fantastic qualities needed to succeed and help others succeed as well.

Our freshman student of the month was Chelsea Baker.

She was nominated by Mrs. Dawson. When asked why she nominated Chelsea her response was that Chelsea always has a positive attitude and is always willing to help out wherever she may be needed. She takes great pride in all her work and remains upbeat in all situations. Chelsea is a great role model and always sets a good example; she has a positive attitude and has very good self-control.

For the sophomore student of the month, Alec Mayo was nominated by Mrs. James.

She nominated Alec because he is a good role model and sets a positive example for others. She also said that Alec is a wonderful and welcomed addition to Stagecraft; he is a hard worker and is always ready to tackle any new task given to him. Alec has amazing creativity and she is honored to have him in her class.

This month, for the Junior class, Mrs. Bidart nominated Cheyenne Betz as student of the month.

She had many wonderful things to say about Cheyenne including that she has a wonderful, positive attitude and has great leadership qualities. Mrs. Bidart nominated Cheyenne because one day Cheyenne came in with her English class to check out books. She noticed that Mrs. Bidart was busy and without saying a word, she checked out all her classmates’ books for her.

Mrs. Killion nominated Angela Lausch for student of the month for October. She nominated Angela because she is willing to help and spend extra time outside of class to step up the “Baby Think It Over” program. She has also helped new students adjust to Lowry. She also said that Angela is a good role model and always has a positive attitude.