Officers attend state leadership conference

By Meg Montero Posted April 18, 2012

NOTE: This story was provided by the Leadership Class

This year the N.A.S.C (Nevada Association of Student Council) conference took place in Reno. The activities were held at Wooster High School and the Grand Sierra Resort. It lasted over a period of three days March 23-25. Student councils from all over the state gathered and participated in workshops, listened to motivational speakers, and shared ideas. The theme this year was “The Biggest Little Conference in the World,” meaning all the events during the conference were focused on Reno events, including the air races, a rib cook-off, the Reno Rodeo, Hot August Nights, the Reno Aces, and more.

It sounds like everyone from Lowry that went had an amazing time and really learned a lot. When asked what their favorite part of the conference was, Raven Black and Jennae Johnson replied, “Definitely the drum session and the dancing.” They also said, “Overall Saturday night was the best part of the experience.”

Matt Ruehl said, “The best part of state was the food, but he also really enjoyed meeting all the new people.” An activity Raven mentioned participating in was filming commercials for different organizations for community service. Many students that participate bring back many ideas and life skills. Raven commented, “The biggest impact for me was the idea of how you shouldn’t judge people.” Jennae stated, “I was taught to be nice to everyone, how to cha cha, and how to win at laser tag.” Matt replied, “I learned that everybody needs to join together and use teamwork to get jobs done.”

At the conference, Lowry also picked up three major awards. The Silver Star Award, awarded for excellent service to their school, their student body, and their community during the year. The 2012 National Council of Excellence Award, which is only received by one hundred and eighty high school student councils across the country. Lowry also received the Gold Nugget award, given to Northern region schools that make two contacts with their brother schools and attend all three president meetings.

Overall the N.A.S.C. conference was an excellent learning experience for the Lowry leadership representatives and they all brought back many brilliant ideas.

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