Open Your Eyes: Stop using your phone

Open Your Eyes: Stop using your phone

By Taylor LaTray Posted October 12, 2011

Nevada has recently approved its new law, changing our driving habits statewide. This law could save many lives and it’s wise to follow it, rather than risking your life as well as everyone else around you.

Governor Brian Sandoval approved the new law banning texting while driving. The Assembly Transportation Committee heard arguments pro and con of the outlaw of text messaging and the use of handheld cell phones while driving, and supports the bill. Even though, since 2008 the number of accidents due to distracted driving from phone use has lowered, the Office of Traffic stated in an argument for the Senate Bill. This bill is going to be one that could lower the number of accidents, but also few will actually follow it.

The worries still remaining are that accidents will now increase because people would be further distracted by trying to hide their phones. This could increase accidents and possibly even cause riots against our new law.

The bill was signed off June 4 and will be put into action January 1. Although, warnings will start to be issued starting in October with fines of $50 then $100 and then $250 for each time caught with a phone while driving. The Senate brought up the idea of school zone violations to be treated more seriously, but that bill died along with several others.

If a death or serious incident that causes harm to a person results from violating this new texting ban the person responsible for the incident will face a prison term of 1-6 years with fines of $2,000- $5,000. This new law is one to be taken very seriously, handheld phones have cause many deaths and it’s not even worth risking a quick text.

It should also be known that, as of October 1, talking on your cell phone while you are driving is illegal and you will be pulled over and ticketed if you are caught. No more warnings will be issued and this law should not be taken lightly.

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