Open Your Eyes: Whatever Man

By Stephanie Cochrane Posted April 22, 2009

A grueling bike ride at sunrise is not the ideal way to start a Saturday morning according to many teenagers. Something more acceptable may be hiding in bed until two in the afternoon or adventuring out to the sofa to explore the world of HDTV. What causes stereotypical teenage laziness and what can be done to change it?

Russell Foster, chairman for circadian neuroscience at Brasenose College carried out a study to investigate teenage behavior, as reported by Rob Sharp of The Independent. Various researchers concluded that hormones are to blame for teenage laziness and behavior, and Foster agrees. Untidiness, self-consciousness, moodiness, and rudeness are all attributed to hormones, yet it seems that there should be productive ways to counter these emotions.

Hormones can’t be used as an excuse for immature behavior but can show insight into erratic conduct. Knowing the cause of the teenage demeanor is a good start at correcting it. The body is going through a whirlwind of changes from age 10-20 so some concrete habits can help to anchor emotions. I attend yoga to offset the craziness of college preparation, work responsibilities, and school demands. Maybe finding one hobby to integrate into your schedule could be a good start at balancing those hormones.

A healthy lifestyle is a forgotten thought for many teenagers. Taking advantage of one’s metabolism is an excuse readily used when a teenager is asked about their bad eating habits; because it doesn’t look like the teenage lifestyle affects the body students think their decisions are inconsequential. These decisions create bad habits for the future and actually hinder the performance of the body’s systems.

Young adults should spend more time exercising instead of gathering on couches to gorge on junk food and watch mindless shows on MTV. Sure the simple entertainment is satisfying, but is it beneficial?

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