PASS holds Open House

PASS holds Open House

By Stephanie Cochrane Posted December 17, 2008

Lowry High School’s PASS program held an open house Thursday, Nov. 13. The event was held in the PASS building near the fairgrounds. The staff wanted to allow parents, students, and Lowry faculty to take a look at things that are happening. Student’s work was posted on the walls and PASS faculty members stood nearby to explain any questions visitors might have had.

Mr. Lucas, a Lowry teacher at PASS is passionate about the program. “PASS is not a dumping ground, it has a negative reputation but it is a good opportunity for students to be in a successful setting,” says Lucas. This year, PASS has already graduated two students, and plans for 10-15 more.

Students at PASS receive the same opportunities as students at Lowry do. Athletes can participate in Lowry sports, students can go to dances, and participate in any activities Lowry students do. PASS offers electives and core classes. The program gained a new media cart this year and hopes for more updated technology. “Regular high school isn’t for everyone and PASS is an alternate method for a good education,” said Lowry’s administrator in charge at PASS, Doc Welter. Both Lucas and Welter agree that the biggest improvement they would like to see within the PASS program is its technology.

The open house was intended to let the community and other LHS staff members expand their awareness of the program.

Melinda Enochson, an aide at PASS for over two years said, “PASS is a great way to help kids get ready for their futures.” The faculty would like to see more support from high school teachers at Lowry, said Lucas.

The teachers at PASS have confidence in the course and expect great things to come in the future.

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