Physics teacher, Ms. Jessica Lindsay, teacher of the issue

Physics teacher, Ms. Jessica Lindsay, teacher of the issue

By Cynthia Ruiz

Ms. Jessica Lindsay, one of the newest staff members teaches Physics and looks forward to what her teaching career will bring next. 

Lindsay was a zookeeper before she took on her teaching career and still has a deep passion for animals. She also keeps animals and reptiles such as tarantulas in her classroom to keep her and her students company. 

With her busy schedule, one of the only things she checks on her phone is the constant emails that she receives all day. She doesn’t leave her house without looking her best. She always has to make herself look presentable not only for her but for others. She also has the ultimate goal to be fully content in her life. 

Lindsay studied science in college and was a good student but she didn’t study enough to get the GPA that she desired. 

“I wish I studied more in college,” said Lindsay. “I would have graduated with a higher GPA and I could have been eligible for more masters programs.” 

If her students were to describe her it would be silly, even though she jokingly plays around with her students she seriously takes her job. 

“My students would describe me as quirky,” said Lindsay. “I am silly-goofy but take my job very seriously.”

Her strengths in life are all about having empathy for others, especially in tough situations. She cares about people and their well-being.

“My strengths have always been kindness and empathy,” said Lindsay. “I care about people deeply.” 

Astrology deals with the study of planets and constellations; and tells precisely about the moment of someone’s birth. Including their traits and characteristics that resonate with their zodiac sign. In this case, she believes in this because she lines up perfectly with what her zodiac describes her as a cancer.

People who are not exactly aware of where they are bothering her. It makes her almost lose her mind. 

“Not being aware of your surroundings is my biggest pet peeve,” said Lindsay. “ I don’t like oblivious people.” 

Her favorite childhood memory is very dear to her because of her Grandpa, with whom she had a great relationship and she had the best time during her childhood years. As well as her childhood dog that she loved as well.

“My 8th birthday is my favorite childhood memory,” said Lindsay. “My Grandpa and dog were my best friends at the time and I love water.”