Please, do it somewhere else

By Tanner Ames Posted October 16, 2013

What’s the worst thing about high school? Many would complain that it is difficult homework, and how much there is of it. Others would moan that it’s the “ignorant” teachers who just do not get them. Although those things are pretty bad, I believe the worst thing is the students who can’t seem to find a room.

Nobody wants to see you shoving your tongue down somebody’s throat. That’s just not something I want to experience while I’m worrying about the work I need to do.

We know that you are going to miss your boyfriend or your girlfriend. We know that you want them to know how you feel, but others don’t always want to know that you feel that way about them.

Think about those people who are always sad because they aren’t with their companion. Think about those poor people who just can’t get a girlfriend or boyfriend, and now their locker is blocked because two little lovebirds can’t go somewhere else.

We can’t get from class to class very easily because the couples are either blocking the halls, doorways, or our lockers. So if you’re late for class, because the halls are crowded with teen pairs, just blame it on them.

Think about that sad little kid, who has been stuck in the friend zone since they met you. Now, not only does he have to live with you dating someone else, but he also has to witness you two, hug, kiss, and just do weird stuff.

Sometimes, I think it would be very fun to walk around the school and find couples making out and walk between them saying “Arm length apart.”
I don’t mind couples; don’t get me wrong, it’s just the ones who have to express their love for each other in front of other people. Just have some decency, just a little, just enough.

I know that many will agree that people eating each others faces is not the most satisfying thing to see. Lowry please listen and do it somewhere else.