The negative impact of school uniforms

By Alyssa Campbell Posted October 16, 2013

School Uniforms- most students might hate the idea of having them at their school. They have some benefits like reducing bullying and reducing the cost a lot less for families. However, there are far more disadvantages to them than parents or school administrators may see.

Uniforms will not solve all of the problems in a school and they will not stop bad things from happening. Bullying will still be present and uniforms would be taking the easy way out for schools and their students. This teaches kids that the only way people can get along is to dress exactly the same. Some other choices to help students with bullying would be more counseling available or programs made accessible to prevent bullying in schools.

Taking away a student’s right to dress and express themselves is never okay and school uniforms would do exactly that. School uniforms would create a less comfortable learning environment for students and make a teacher’s job much harder. Students would have a lack of self-expression for themselves.

Some parents may think that school uniforms would help them save money on school clothes. Parents would actually have to buy two kinds of clothes: street clothes and the different types of uniforms for school. This would actually be almost twice as much they would have to spend just on clothes. This illusion of uniforms being less expensive would actually be incorrect in most cases.

Overall uniforms would be a bad idea. They take away not only a child’s creativity but also a comfortable learning environment. Uniforms are not always cheaper and could be considered more expensive in some ways. Bullying is also a major factor in why uniforms would not be a good idea. Before you automatically think school uniforms are a good idea, think about all the things that could have a negative impact on a student.