POI: Colton De La Mora

By Samm Sharp Posted May 9, 2018

Colton De La Mora was chosen for the Performer of the Issue by Mr. Paul Criddle. He is a first-year member of the swing choir but is also part of the track team, soccer, and art club.

This year, De La Mora has participated in the Honor Choir in Elko and auditioned for the All-State choir. He also took part in the festival trip to San Francisco only two weeks ago (see page 13 for more information on the San Francisco trip) and said the swing choir has affected him in the most positive way.

“I was really nervous to audition,” said De La Mora. “I wasn’t sure I’d be good enough or if I’d be able to sing in front of people. It’s something I’ve never done before, and it has given me more confidence in myself to do things I wouldn’t normally do.”

Swing choir director Mr. Criddle said he is amazed by De La Mora’s progress this year.

“He came from not always being able to match pitch or sing the right notes to being able to sing harmony parts and learning his part easily. That’s pretty difficult to do if you’ve not had any prior musical experience,” said Criddle.

De La Mora said he was not an experienced singer but realized how far he had come.

“I’ve always sang in the car and in the shower but never really for an audience other than in front of family and friends,” said De La Mora.

As mentioned above, De La Mora is extremely invested in art. According to Ms. Julia Topholm, he embodies what an artist is.

“Colton is truly a creative, self-motivated, joyful spirit,” said Topholm. “He challenges himself with every project and creates pieces beyond expectations, taking on different styles and mediums seeking perfection in his artwork.”

Mr. Paul Criddle’s last concert includes all his classes will be on May 18 in the Old Gym.