Powderpuff football offers surprising win

Powderpuff football offers surprising win

By Megan Griggs Posted October 14, 2009

One of the most traditional Homecoming activities here at Lowry is Powderpuff football. This year it was seniors and freshmen against the juniors and sophomores. Seniors /freshmen wore blue while the juniors /sophomores wore yellow.

The powderpuff cheerleaders helped get the crowd pumped with their amazing sideline routines and human pyramids. The cheerleaders were coached by the varsity dance team, and later performed a halftime routine to “I’m on a boat.”

Also during halftime queen candidates Mitch Pollock, Danny Ochoa, and Sean Millikan took the field in dresses on the arms of fellow powderpuff king royalty candidates Brandi Brooks, Dana Pardovich, and Arline Franco.

This year’s Powderpuff cheerleaders. /Megan Griggs • The Brand
This year’s Powderpuff cheerleaders. /Megan Griggs • The Brand

Mitch Pollock and Brandi Brooks were crowned this year’s powderpuff king and queen. They celebrated their win with a meaningful hug followed by Brooks hauling Pollock off the field cradled in her arms.

Finally, a touchdown was made by Pardovich for the sophomore/ junior team. The senior/freshman team wouldn’t give up, and finally, Desirae Lemm scored a touchdown. The game ended in a junior/ sophomore win.

“It was so fun and really intense,” said junior Jazmyn Ward.

The juniors and sophomores were excited about the win and worked hard to make that happen. Even though they lost, the seniors and freshmen had a blast and enjoyed the experience.

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