Prom is poppin’

Prom is poppin’

By Carly Bell Posted April 17, 2013

Dark lights, loud music, hot guys in tuxes, stunning beauties in long dresses, food, drinks, and a night nobody will forget. That sounds like the perfect recipe for a Lowry High Prom. So let’s make that happen.

Prom is on May 4; the theme is Black Tie Affair. Royalty this year will be different from previous years. We will be taking four people from the CLS class and four people from the rest of the school.

Since the theme is Black Tie Affair you don’t have to dress according to the theme. Just dress how you want.

Throughout the year, the junior and senior classes have dominated in the decorations in all class competitions so you can imagine what prom will look like: Magical.

“I’m going with Christian Anderson. From what I have seen of our previous decorations I suspect that the decorations will be rather nice,” Stephanie Goss said.

The coordinators of prom this year are Maeve Donovan, Allison Barron, Carly Bell, Leeanne Peters, and Lesley Molina. Many helpers have been there for the prom team. Also, we are keeping the cost low this year to about $55 and the time is 8 p.m.

The weekend before prom, and the week of prom, people will be working in the Convention Center in order to get all the decorations finished. The decorations will take time to build and to put up.