Spring Break, here and gone

Spring Break, here and gone

By Taylor LaTray Posted April 17, 2013

Returning from Spring break is one of the worst feelings a student can experience. After a week of either being lazy or crazy a student must reverse their mind to get back on track for the final few weeks of the school year.

This year there were plenty of different Spring Break stories happening at Lowry.

“Hmmm, What didn’t I do for Spring Break? I had a good time, that’s for sure,” said Waldie.

While Waldie had a good time in Winnemucca other students ventured outside of town and still had a blast.

“For Spring Break I accompanied my best friend to Vegas where we hit the strip for the weekend enjoying the warm weather and acting as any teenager would. It was a very eventful spring break and coming back to Lowry was miserable, it was a taste of summer being dangled in front of me,” said Carissa Lininger.

Junior Joseba Criswell spent his time in San Luis Obispo visiting Cal Poly as it is one of the colleges he is interested in.

“I went to visit the campus to see if I would like it,” said Criswell.

Winnemucca comes to life during Spring Break, it’s the first long break we get with semi-nice weather. Many different students of Lowry unite while others go on vacation. Considering we’re all still in high school and live in a small town, crazy ain’t so crazy.

On the brighter side of things, there are only seven weeks left of school before summer and our seniors before they’re the lucky ducklings who are done with high school for good.