Science Student of the Week: Jhett Paulsen

Science Student of the Week: Jhett Paulsen

By Macy Whitted Posted April 28, 2023

Mr. Brandon Eastman chose Jhett Paulsen for Science Student of The Week for pushing each other to their better selves. Paulsen goes out of his way to make sure that he asks Eastman questions that not even Eastman can answer. 

Paulsen enjoys how Eastman stays involved in the class, and with his students. 

“Eastman is a good teacher overall, and he is way more involved than others,” said Paulsen.

Paulsen not only enjoys Eastman’s class, but he also enjoys Eastman as a person. Eastman is always willing to hold a conversation with any student about any subject. 

“Not only is Jhett one of the first people always done with his work, but he’s always asking questions and double-checking the work,” said Eastman. 

Paulsen makes sure to always test Eastman’s teaching while asking him questions. Paulsen always has Eastman on his toes. 

“He’s always wanting to know more about the subject, he’s always asking questions and pushing me to be better as a teacher,” said Eastman. 

Paulsen is always asking questions in class and making sure he knows the subject better than anyone in the class.