PE Student of the Week: Tyson Terry

PE Student of the Week: Tyson Terry

By Ludi Canales Posted May 1, 2023

Senior Tyson Terry was chosen as Student of the Week by Mr. Cabatbat. Terry is in Cabatbat’s 3rd-period weights class. Terry always shows up positively.  

“He always shows up with a good attitude,” said Cabatbat. “He could be tired, happy, mad, sad, he could be all around depressed and still show up to class and work his butt off.” 

Having a good teacher can make a class better, especially for Terry. What makes weights fun for him is all the competitions in class. 

“Cbat is small and still a great teacher,” said Terry. “I like that he lets me win in our competitions all the time. He keeps me grinding and teaches me the definition of hard work.”

Terry’s progress in weights class shows out on the football field.

“Because of how much work he puts in every day, he dominated in the line of scrimmage during football season,” said Cabatbat. “He was somebody we looked to open up poles when we needed big plays. He is so strong and physical in every way.”