Isabel Upton chosen as Artist of the Week

Isabel Upton chosen as Artist of the Week

By Jovi Anderson Posted May

Art helps you understand and express your emotions along with adding vibrance to your surroundings. It helps you view life from another perspective and has always been an important part of humanity since the beginning of time. Art expresses so much and tells stories about who we are as a community and who we are individually. 

Ms. Cassandra Jenkins chose Isabel Upton as the Student of the Week in her art class for Upton’s effort and consistency.

“She is such a pleasure to have in class,” said Jenkins. “She is so meticulous about her work and puts 100% into every work of art that she does.”

Upton loves art because she can express herself, and her favorite medium to work with is ink since it stands out the most.

“Art is a hobby and form of expression for me,” said Upton. “My favorite medium to work with is probably ink. Ink is bold and contrasting to the white paper, and I just love the look of it.”

Jenkins has known Upton not only as a student but also as an athlete, which makes her all the more proud.

“I have known Isabel since she was on the 8th-grade volleyball team and was very excited to have her as a student in my Art I class as a freshman,” said Jenkins. “As a student-athlete, she represents Lowry to the fullest, which as a coach myself, makes me very proud of her.”

Upton inspires and reminds Jenkins of why she loves to do art.

“She reminds me daily why I love to teach Art,” said Jenkins. 

Art has been a part of Upton’s life since she was young, and since she has been doing it for so long, it has become easier for her over time.

“I’ve been doing art probably since about preschool,” said Upton. “I love that art can help you express yourself, and the better at it you get the easier it is to do so.”

Overall, art is a very important part of our lives whether that means painting, drawing, or even music. It helps us express ourselves in many different ways and creates the opportunity to incorporate ourselves into our work.