Softball, baseball, and All-State Academic awards

By Mary Granath Posted June 3, 2009

The following baseball and softball players were recognized for their achievement on the field this season.

Madison Gonzalez, First Team Outfield; Lexi Gonzalez, First Team Outfield; Masie Kemp, First Team Utility Player; Missy McKinnon, Second Team Outfield; Dani Chavez, Second Team Pitcher; Dana Pardovich, Second Team Designated Hitter; Lynnsey Johnson, Second Team 2nd Base

Anders Pace, First Team Designated Hitter, First Team All-State; Jace Billingsley, Second Team Shortstop; Mitch Pollock, Second Team Utility Player; Dusty Kraft, Second Team Outfield; Bryan Noble, Second Team Pitcher; David Eastman, Honorable Mention Outfield; and Gus Ramasco, Honorable Mention Second Base.

The following athletes, representing all sports, have been recognized for their achievement in the classroom during the school year.

Trevor Belanger, Jace Billingsley, Dillon Bryan, Miranda Buttram, Samantha Buttram, Giovan Cholico, Tyler Cox, Amaya Criswell, Amaya Drake, David Eastman, Skylar Estes, Nicole Finlayson, Jacob Gibson, Anna Gutierrez, Luis Gutierrez, Courtney Hammond, Suzi Jones, Sophie Kristof, Emelia Legarza, Collin Messerly, Bryan Noble, Laura Ochoa-Mata, Anders Pace, Jillian Pfarr, Esmeralda Ramirez, Alex Schumacher, Olivia Snow, Erin Tattersall, and Jessica Wadley.

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