Softball Student-Athlete Of The Week; Georgia White

Softball Student-Athlete Of The Week; Georgia White

By Alexa Toscano Posted April 5, 2023

Georgia White is a freshman this year, and she plays on the JV softball team. She currently plays outfield. She has always had a passion for softball. When she was little she found her passion for softball through t-ball. She especially enjoys that the sport is outside and in an open environment.

When it came to tryouts she was excited. “I just did it,” said White. White started out with T-ball as a child and moved on to softball. She loves her team which consists of nice people and she also enjoys having the opportunity to travel to different places.

Her coaches appreciate that she is willing to try new techniques in order to get better. 

“She seems to be a really good teammate and is willing to do whatever is required of her for the betterment of the team,” said coach Ron Espinola.

White enjoys having the opportunity to better herself in softball.

“The coach is a good coach and puts his foot down when he needs to,” said White. 

White plans on playing softball all four years of high school with the hope of making it to varsity. She has the dream of pitching in order to better herself. She practices her pitching during her free time. White is excited to see what this season holds for her.

Georgia White practices pitching before a game. /Destiny Medicine Cloud and Allison Green • The Brand