Brooklyn Swensen is back at it again 

Brooklyn Swensen is back at it again 

By Elizabeth Carrillo Posted April 6, 2023

Cabada is the coach for distance running. He chose Brooklyn Swensen for Athlete of The Week. Swensen works hard each day she comes to practice.

“It takes a lot of guts and determination,” said Cabada. “It’s not easy you have to output in the miles it’s a lot of miles you have to run.”

When Swensen is on the track she doesn’t give up; she keeps on going even though her body says tries to stop.

“It’s a challenge you have to go out in the cold, out in the snow where we’re always out there we’re going to be outside and training and it’s going to be hard,” said Cabada.

Swensen gives her all into track, day in and day out she sets goals to not give up.

Swensen is back at it again. She has been doing track for two years now and has not given up the love for way.

“I work hard in practice to get better at my running,” said Swensen.

Swensen works hard each day and she has determination on the track.

“I like competing when we go on meets,” said Swensen.

Swensen will keep fighting and pushing through to the finish line.