Math Student of the Week: Hailey Vandemark

Math Student of the Week: Hailey Vandemark

By Macy Whitted Posted April 10, 2023

Mr. Austin Mayo chose Hailey Vandemark as math student of the week for her fantastic attendance and lending out a hand to classmates. Vandemark is very intelligent and she makes sure to show up prepared every day.

Mayo enjoys how Vandemark is always willing to help fellow classmates.

“She is constantly helping her other classmates to better understand the material and when she struggles, isn’t afraid to ask for help herself,” said Mayo.

Vandemark is always willing to lend a hand, and she never declines Mayo’s help.

Vandemark enjoys Mayo’s class because she finds it easy to comprehend math and she likes Mayo as a teacher.

“I just get the hang of math really easy, because I’m a quick learner,” said Vandemark. “I enjoy math because it comes easy, and Mayo is a very good teacher,” said Vandemark.

Vandemark is always ready for class, and Mayo appreciates that she comes prepared every day.

Vandemark is very pleased with Mayo and his class because he is always very helpful.