Logan Jonas selected as Student-Athlete of the Week

Logan Jonas selected as Student-Athlete of the Week

By Ludi Canales Posted April 11, 2023

Baseball player Logan Jonas fills his role as a team player and manager. He is recognized by coach Brent Riemersma. He explains that Logan takes leadership in helping out his coaches and team.

“Logan works harder every day,” said Riemersma. “He sets up practice and makes sure that things are put away after.”

During games and even practice, he knows he can count on Jonas whenever he needs him.

“Logan is my right-hand man,” said Riemersma. “Not only does he help take stats at games, he always makes sure everyone has everything they need.”

Coach Riemersma and the other coaching staff make the season enjoyable for their athletes while also making room for improvement.

“I like the environment that our coaching staff sets for us,” said Jonas. “I also like the fact that they know what they are doing when it comes to the game of baseball.”

With a large team, it is hard to stand out. Jonas’ hard work and dedication not only make him stand out as a player but also as a person.

“Logan’s work ethic is amazing,” said Riemersma. “He is one of the first people there and one of the last as well.”

Having friends on a team tends to make playing together easier than with random people.

“The thing I enjoy most about being on the team is how we can rely on one another even outside of just baseball,” said Jonas.