Spring at Lowry

Spring at Lowry

By Irene Diaz Posted April 3, 2012

NOTE: This story provided by the Leadership Class

It’s the last quarter of the school year and everyone can’t wait until summer break. This quarter seems to be different. Not because of the cheerful mood of the soon-to-be graduating seniors, or the happy feet students who can’t wait for prom, but the weather.

The springy weather seems to be giving everyone a different mood. In the previous quarters, students were less cheery, but all that has changed. Also, students have been wearing brighter colors that show they are ready for the bright and shining sun.

When student, Tania Alcaraz, was asked how she thought spring is affecting the high school, she said, “It’s making everyone want to go outside! I even want to have my classes outside!”

After a cold winter, Lowry is recovering with a warm spring. If you go around campus, you’ll have a high chance to see bright colors and even some people wearing shorts; all of which are sure signs of Lowry spring. 

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