Staff Members of the Month at LHS

Staff Members of the Month at LHS

By Shanel Brown Posted September 30, 2008

Note: This article is provided by Mrs. Grady’s Leadership class.

For September’s staff members of the month, Lowry High Leadership Class honored the Career Technology Department. Included in the Career Technology Department are Lisa Scott, Luca Bernardi, Marlene Killion, John Aberasturi, Don Walton, and Rebecca Hill.

During this month we sent the teachers a survey based on what their interests were. In this survey, we asked the teachers how many years they have taught at Lowry, what their favorite subject was in high school, their home town, their favorite quote and their favorite movie. We received our surveys and we hung them, along with their pictures, on the school’s bulletin board. We are happy to share some of the survey answers with you.

Mrs. Scott has been teaching at Lowry for eight years, her favorite subject was business and her hometown is Moses Lake, WA.

Mr. Bernardi grew up in Winnemucca and has now been teaching at Lowry for three years.

Mrs. Killion is a well-known teacher at Lowry, she has been here for twenty-six years and she also grew up in the small town of Winnemucca.

Mr. Aberasturi and Mrs. Hill have both been teaching at Lowry for seven years. Mr. Aberasturi enjoyed Auto Technology during High School and his hometown is Nampa, ID.

Mrs. Hill, on the other hand, enjoyed Ag. and Biology during her high school years, her hometown is Winnemucca.

Then we have Mr. Walton. His hometown in Colorado Springs, CO and his favorite subjects in high school were Math and Science.

Thank you for being wonderful teachers and great role models. Leadership appreciates the Career Technology Department for the month of September. Hope you have fun teaching at Lowry!