Stresses of joyful high school

By Aimee Brandon Posted November 12, 2013

Coming into high school is stressful enough, with its drama, sports, and homework.

Drama, that’s all that really happens, Twitter fights, he stole my girl, she wore the same dress to homecoming, blah, blah, blah, have a heart attack. Stay out of that, don’t cause problems, be your own cool kid, enjoy high school, and don’t be stressed.

That brings up relationships. Don’t be serious, are you going to be with them in the long term? Are you seriously going to devote yourself and your life to one person for a year just to break up with them? Keep your life drama free, don’t get too serious. Don’t be stressed.

You made the sports team, congratulations. Now you have two hours of practice every day, games every week, missing school, losing sleep, and stress. Your team is undefeated, you lose a game, defeated, AKA stressed out. Work hard, get sleep, shake off losses, and don’t be stressed.

Who really does homework? Parties every weekend right? Not if you want to get somewhere, sure some classes simply require showing up and paying attention. But homework is important, and procrastination is key to becoming stressed out. Do your homework, turn it in, keep your grades up, and don’t be stressed.

Get some sleep to focus on what is truly important and enjoy high school stress-free!