Review: ‘Revolution’

By Alyssa Campbell Posted November 12, 2013

“Revolution” is an intense show, now into its second season, about the world, 15 years after a worldwide blackout.

In the show, the entire world revolved around and used electricity for everything which is also how things are today in the real world. So you can imagine the kind of chaos the world would be in without electricity.  

In “Revolution”, the audience is shown how the world has to evolve into a better world without power and start again. The main characters, Charlie Matheson (Tracy Spiridakos), Miles Matheson (Billy Burke), Zak Orth (Aaron Pitman), Rachel Matheson (Elizabeth Mitchell), and President Sebastian “Bass” Monroe (David Lyons) are either working together or against each other, to figure out how to live without the power. In some ways they also try to turn the power back on. Everyone in this story is brought together through a series of events to attempt to get the electricity back and working even though they might want it on for different reasons.

“Revolution” is an intense story that will not disappoint and will leave you wanting to watch more after each episode. It is on NBC every Wednesday at 8/7c.