Student of the Week: Benjamin Munk

By Jolyn Garcia Posted February 26, 2013

The Lowry Performer of the Week is senior Benjamin Munk. Munk was chosen by music teacher, Mr. Paul Criddle. Last week the Lowry High Pep Band accompanied the varsity boys basketball team to zone in Reno. Munk was among the few band members to be eligible to attend the basketball games.

“Ben is consistent. He doesn’t ask for any acknowledgment for what he does,” said Mr. Criddle.

Munk plays the trombone and is also a member of the Lowry Swing Choir.

“Ben is a solid man, he has a lot of character,” stated fellow band member Sarah Ennes.

In April Munk will be heading to Anaheim, California with the Concert Band to compete in the Anaheim Music Festival.