Teacher Appreciation Week held this week

By Broc Hammon Posted May 31, 2005

This week is one of the most meaningful on the calendar. Moreover, during teacher appreciation week the Leadership class of Lowry High led by the noble Mrs. Grady and Mrs. Dawson, express our gratitude to the array of majestic teachers filling the classrooms of the school.

This year the Leadership class sent unique gifts to the teachers each day, held a luncheon for the teachers, and also made personalized favorite quotes for each of the teachers. Though the job isn’t an easy one, honoring and appreciating the teachers who mold our future is our pleasure.

A special thanks once again to Mrs. Grady and Mrs. Dawson, who are the ringleaders during the chaotic week who sacrifice their time to appreciate other teachers; moreover they both deserve a sincere thanks and also to the leadership class of Lowry High who has had a memorable year.

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