The Brand looks forward to active, fun year

The Brand looks forward to active, fun year

By Mary Granath Posted September 3, 2009

This year the Brand has welcomed an entirely new generation. Other than the four returning staffers, Amy Balagna, Camille Lyon, Mallorie Leal, and Mary Granath, seven new reporters have been taken on by the Brand: Ashley Chavez, Brooke Thomas, Savannah McDade, Lindsey Munson Tara Sanders, Brittany Nielsen, and Megan Griggs.

The Brand plans to print five times in the coming school year. The first issue is slated for October 14 and will be followed by issues on December 16, March 3, April 21, and June 2.

We look forward to a successful school year and hope you will enjoy this year’s issues of the Brand.

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