The most memorable senior moments

By Calvin Connors  Posted May 30, 2012

There is one memory or moment that separates itself from the rest of senior year, what is your favorite senior memory?

Olivia Snow- “When we had a barbecue in advisory because who else does that besides Mrs. James’ class.”

Kayla Doyle- “Becoming close to my class because there’s no upperclassmen so we all have to bond together, like during Winterfest when we decorated our hallway.”

Jonathan Landa- “The senior prank”

Taylor Johnson- “Painting the W on the mountain with the senior class.”

Ryan Kracaw- “The senior prank.”

Kade Mader- “Basketball trip to Vegas with Calvin and Dion.”

Turrell Jensen- “Meeting Calvin Connors.”

Jared Parks- “Stealing Mr. Billingsley’s jeep and parking it in Mrs. Watts’ driveway.”

Cameron Echave- “If I was a senior I wouldn’t have such a good memory.”

Tyler Duran-“Watching Cameron run at a car with his pants down.”

Melanie Vance- “Watching the boy’s basketball team win state.”