The senior class of 2013

The senior class of 2013

By Rylee Mathis Posted May 29, 2013

A select few of the Lowry seniors were asked how their year final year at Lowry was, what their best memory of Lowry was, and how their high school experience was overall. Some of them even shared what they’re going to miss most. A lot of the students agreed that their year was fun and that they loved their teachers.

“It was amazing. I had a lot of great experiences and it was really fun,” said Raven Black. Some students, like Taylor Martin, would disagree with that.

“It was alright. The classes were alright, the teachers were alright, the sports were pretty fun. I’m going to miss the sports,” said Martin.

Other seniors were a lot more nostalgic in their responses. Some of them are really going to miss it here.

“My senior year was actually really laid back,” said Dax Kemp. He continued to say that he was happy this year went by so fast. “I see myself outside of high school; I don’t see myself in high school,” Kemp said that he’s definitely going to miss his friends because he plans on moving away. “[I’m going to miss] lunchtime. Going up to the field and playing football with my buddies. It’s rough, but it’s fun.”

“You meet a lot of great people here. This place is growing,” Kemp said referring to his friends and the teachers.

“I guess overall it was pretty easy until, like, halfway through,” said Matt Cameron. He continued to say that he’s not going to miss anything about Lowry and that his best experience was meeting his girlfriend.

Lesley Keever said her senior year was super fun and really easy. She’s going to miss the teachers and Jodie. She also said that Leticia Gomez is her favorite freshman. Her best experience at Lowry was passing her proficiency tests and getting good grades.

“I’m probably going to miss my Advisory class the most,” said Arianna Grantham. “Mr. Storm was the coolest advisory teacher; we seriously had the most chill class ever.” She said her senior year was her favorite year but it was also the most depressing for her.

“Just having my last cheer season and helping out with try-outs and watching girls fill your spot,” Grantham said. She continued to say that getting ready for your last prom and homecoming is a real “Debbie Downer.”

“My best experience would probably be just hanging out with Raven, Peyton, Ere and Lesley and just doing whatever we so choose to do and having Smoothie Wednesdays. It was just a blast with them,” said Grantham.

DonVito DeGrazia said, “I’m definitely not going to miss getting in trouble, but I am gonna miss the teachers; I love every single teacher.” When asked how his senior year was over all, DeGrazia said it was alright and it went by really fast like most the other seniors have said.

“I think my best experience at Lowry was probably getting complimented by Mrs. Knight because she’s pretty hard to get complimented by, but I did it,” he said.

Josh Arbones said his best experience at Lowry was being with his friends. “[I’m going to miss] Kagen Barns and DonVito DeGrazia,” said Arbones. His senior year, the parts that he can remember of it anyway, were pretty good.

“My best experience at Lowry was being able to be a part of the wrestling dynasty that has gone on for the past five years,” said Cody Anderson. “I’m going to miss being able to play on the football field every Friday night.”

“Overall it’s been great, it’s been the easiest year so far,” Anderson said referring to his senior year.

To end their amazing year, the seniors have been hosting fun activities like Senior Skit Night. The graduating drama students got to recreate scenes from their favorite movies and TV shows while others performed songs and monologues. The skits were, as always, hilarious and touching. Drama won’t be the same without the seniors.

Senior Sunset is also one of the last hurrahs the seniors get to participate in.

The majority of the senior class participated in the Senior Skip Day. Most of the seniors went to Rypatch and hung out with friends. Other seniors just stayed home and slept the day away.