Teachers and students recognized at year-end assembly

Teachers and students recognized at year-end assembly

By Brody Goucher Posted May 29, 2013

The last assembly of the year has finally been wrapped up and as it leaves so do many of Lowry’s teachers including Mrs. Marlene Killion, Mr. Randal Daniels, Mr. Byron Jeppsen and Mr. Thomas Newland.

The assembly started out with Mrs. Debbie Watts coming up and recognizing many teachers including all of the teachers who are leaving as well as those who have won awards such as Mrs. Amie Godinez and Mr. Ron Beck.

Next Mrs. Watts left the floor and Winnada’s slide show started highlighting all of Lowry’s sports such as football, soccer, and basketball as well as random people in the hallways and classrooms. Many students and teachers started to tear up and the gym was silent.

The assembly concluded with Mrs. Tanya Grady announcing the winning class which of course was the seniors with the juniors in second, freshmen in third, and the sophomores coming in last.

The end of the year assembly is both sad and happy because the seniors are moving on to their lives and finally leaving high school after four long years and every few years a teacher leaves, but it is also a time of celebration for teachers and students.