The Ultimate Survival Guide

By Jessie Schirrick Posted December 12, 2012
In order to make it in this world, one must attain collective knowledge of defending oneself against horrifying phenomena and supernatural and/or extraterrestrial beings.

In light of the zombie/bath salts incident that occurred in Florida this year, many have been preparing themselves for a zombie apocalypse.

Zombies are the living dead and they feed off of human brains. In order to correctly kill one, their own brain must be destroyed. A common method is stabbing or crushing it with a large object, like in the popular TV show, “The Walking Dead”

Zombies would probably be easier to ward off than beings from another galaxy.

According to historical artifacts (ancient monuments, paintings, etc.), aliens have been trying to contact Earth for thousands of years. Many ancient civilizations have recorded these attempts. Even some people of modern times say they have actually experienced an alien encounter. Some were pleasant encounters, some were the exact opposite.

A common claim made by alien abductees is that some of their DNA and organs were harvested and used to create an alien-human hybrid. We can all protect ourselves from this by avoiding metal implants, as they can be used by aliens to track our location and movement. If you do ever find yourself abducted by an alien, the best you can do is stay calm and cooperate because they will inject sedatives into your bloodstream, making you helpless.

To survive an alien invasion, however, the mother ship must be destroyed by means of explosives, for the mother ship is always the base of any alien colony.

But even this is nothing compared to translucent and sometimes invisible specimens.

Ghosts and spirits make appearances in people’s lives every day. Some people dedicate their time to talking to them and/or exterminating them, fascinated by the possibility of another universe among our own. However, there can be a problem when our universes collide. The first step to ridding yourself of an unwanted spirit is to identify if it’s affecting you negatively or positively, and then find out what it wants. Some spirits are not ghosts but guide through life, like guardian angels. If this is the case, take advantage of this spirit as it will probably guide you through many obstacles. If you realize this spirit is a demon…run.