Time to be heard

Time to be heard

By Destiny James Posted December 14, 2011

Many at Lowry say that we need to have a study hall each day. Not just once a week, but as a set period for five days a week. Students have many commitments in their lives outside of the classroom.

Students who work don’t just work for the fun of it. They do it because they either have to pay for their own clothes, gas or wants because their parents are teaching them to be responsible. This means the kids who work end up working every day after school, or even in the morning to get a few hours in before school. Meaning they have little time to do homework after work. People who don’t work have to either keep up with grades or sports.

Sports are some kids’ lives. They live, sleep, and breathe sports. However some kids are forced to do sports by their parents, so the can keep out of trouble. The athletes work hard in practice which means they are exhausted by the time they get home and may feel too tired to do their homework. They still manage to get all their homework done though. Just being in a sport they want to strive to do their personal best to keep that spot they earned. Then there is the burden of the homework.

After all, we do have seven classes. When we get assigned one homework assignment for one class it doesn’t mean we have just one assignment, but many of them. Meaning that they don’t just have one to do after practice but many.

In addition, there are students who work and do sports at the same time. After practice, they go to work. After work, they go home and have to do their studies. This simply drains you out as a student. To some playing sports or working may seem like excuses, but they’re not. We are in high school and almost on our own so a job is preparing us for the real world. To some high school is about sports and pushing yourself to do your best and having fun with them.

Why can’t we cut classes shorter and add an extra period, so we have a total of eight periods? People may think it’s ridiculous to add another period, but it would be a study hall. We would still start and end school at the same time. Some may disagree; because there are those students who maintain “A’s” with sports, or work, or both, but a study hall would truly benefit many.

This means everyone would have time to do their work at school. That way it doesn’t pile on so much work that night and nobody has to get behind on their studies. Having Advisory once a week is such a break for some people to be able to do their work at school.

We can think of it as our prep period. Teachers have them, and they need them, but so do students. It is called homework, but having one little study hall would truly help many students out.

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