Valentines Song Dedications

Valentines Song Dedications

By The Brand Staff Posted February 6, 2013

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, the Brand staff collected song dedications from students to send to their loved ones.

From Christopher Mendoza and Dusty Bryan, To Josh Shaver: “Love Sosa”.

From Makayla Lopez to Skylar Yost: “I Love You Like a Love Song”.

From Darion Hurriaga to Payton Naveran: “Live Like You Were Dying”.

From Nani Ramirez to Dusty Hamilton: “Never Stop Loving You”.

From Michael Miller to Devan LaTray: “Cookie Jar”.

From Claudia Duarte to Abby Whitaker: “Billy Jean”.

From Dusty Hamilton to Nani Ramirez: “Glad you Came”.

From Miguel Zepeda to Jolyn Garcia: “All the Small Things”.

From Jolyn Garcia to Miguel Zepeda: “Let Me Love You”.

From Jiovanni Madrid to Sara Reeder: “Remember You”.

From Tanner Lecumberry to Erik Francis: “Candy Shop”.

From Carissa Lininger, to Jacob VonAspern: “Demons”.

From Rachel Sigurdson to Ere Higbee: “Star Spangled Banner”.

From Dusty Bryan to Joseba Criswell: “Stubborn Love”.

From Ashley Principe to Eric Brooks: “Bay to L.A.”.

From Ryan Magoon to Kelsey Barnes: “Take My Breath Away”.

From Devin Morris to Haley Weber: “I Remember You”.

From Ashlee Barron to Christian Riddle: “Home”.

From Tyler Benson to Marissa Mendoza: “Total Eclipse of the Heart”.

From Taylor LaTray to Savannah Montero: “All Gold Everything”.

From Bridget Cervantes, to Jennifer Garcia: “F.U.N.”.

From Jasmyne Herrera to Chris Miller: “Barefoot Blue Jean Night”.

From Chaslynn McAllister to Missy Brook: “I’ll Be There”.

From Rachael Foster to Jessie Schirrick: “Strawberry Avalanche”.

From Chloe Yates to Hailey Hayes: “Isn’t it Ironic”.

From Taylor Jimenez to Rachael Foster: “Introducing Me”.

From Taylor Jimenez to Jessie Schirrick: “Magic Dance”.

From Kiana Flores to Jesse Studebaker: “Just Another Picture to Burn”.

From Carlos Gudino to Carly Bell: “You Are So Beautiful”.

From Fellow Senior to Class of 2013: “Photograph”.

From Alec Mayo to Eric Brooks: “Say G and E”.

From Rylee Mathis to Austin Ingle: “Forever and Always”.

Nani Ramirez. /Courtesy • Winnada
Nani Ramirez. /Courtesy • Winnada
Christian Riddle./ Courtesy • Winnada
Christian Riddle./ Courtesy • Winnada
Rachael Foster./ Courtesy • Winnada
Rachael Foster./ Courtesy • Winnada
Jesse Studebaker./ Courtesy • Winnada
Jesse Studebaker./ Courtesy • Winnada
Jasmyne Herrera./ Courtesy • Winnada
Jasmyne Herrera./ Courtesy • Winnada
Eric Brooks. /Courtesy • Winnada
Eric Brooks. /Courtesy • Winnada