Varsity Boys Basketball wins zone championship

By Mallorie Leal Posted February 25, 2009

Dominating was the state of mind Lowry Varsity boy’s basketball team was in when they headed to the playoffs on February 19 in Reno. Their first game of the playoffs was against Fernley who they beat by a 54-38.

The second game of zone was against the Sparks Railroaders and Lowry Bucks laid down the law. Lowry had lost to Sparks in previous games during the season but they got their groove back, beating the Railroaders 67-47.

The wins put Lowry into the State Tournament. However, the Lowry boys wanted to accomplish something that hasn’t been done since 1992, they wanted to be called zone champs.

In the first quarter of the championship game, Lowry had a big lead, but by the second quarter, the game was tied. What was an intense game led to be Lowry’s final win at zone and their title became zone champs and first seed from the north going to State.

Joel Mendoza stated that they took zone because “no one thought we [Varsity boys] could do it, so we took it upon ourselves to show them we could”. 

The varsity boys started off earlier in the season with a rough patch but they pulled through and will travel to Las Vegas on February 26 for the State Tournament. Their first game will be against Boulder City. The whole team believes that they can win state or try their hardest in doing so.

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