Varsity boys drop Wolverines

Varsity boys drop Wolverines

By Justin Albright Posted January 1, 2012

On December 13, Lowry faced off against a very athletic Truckee team. The Bucks easily managed to defeat the Wolverines, facing very little resistance.

The Bucks started the game off slow, due to the lack of rest they had from the tournament down south. Chad Peters, the coach, was very pleased with how the Bucks matched up against Truckee’s athleticism in the 63-47 win.

“Truckee was just as athletic as the teams we played down south, except the only difference was that nobody from the southern teams could get up like Truckee’s forward,” coach Peters said.

The Bucks went into halftime with a 29-25 lead. The Bucks had a solid halftime speech, as they came out firing off all cylinders and wore down the Wolverines. A scary moment happened in the third quarter. As point guard Calvin Connors went up for a jump shot a Truckee player somehow tripped on the court, causing his head to hit the floor which opened a large cut on the back of his head, delaying the game several minutes.

Tyler Brumm drives between two Truckee Defenders. /Ron Espinola • The Brand
Tyler Brumm drives between two Truckee Defenders. /Ron Espinola • The Brand

Josh Watterson led the Bucks with a game high of 20 points and Coach Peters was very pleased with the team’s overall efforts.

“We did a very good job coming out in the second half, outscoring them 19-13 and 13-9,” said Watterson. “The beautiful thing was that we won every quarter, and obviously, if we win every quarter, you’re going to win the game.”

The Bucks have another home game on December 16 as they look to build on their record against a solid team in the Lovelock Mustangs. 

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