W2W: NCAA basketball tournament

By Calvin Connors Posted March 15, 2012

When March rolls around each year it only means one thing for the average sports fan, March Madness.

In the past years that the NCAA tournament has welcomed 64 of the top teams in the nation. This year 68 teams will be entering the tournament, eight games have been played a couple of days before the tournament starts and the winners of those games will enter March Madness. This tournament brings a lot of excitement to the sports world; there are many upsets and fantastic games. There are usually one or two Cinderella teams that are the surprise of the tournament. A couple of years ago Northern Iowa University upset the number one ranked Kansas Jayhawks in the second round.

There are no guarantees during the tournament and that is what makes March Madness so exciting. The NCAA tourney will start Thursday, March 15.

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