Welcome back week at Lowry

By Esmeralda Aguilar Posted September 22, 2008

Note: This article is provided by Mrs. Grady’s Leadership class.

Lowry students were able to enjoy themselves at the Welcome Back week Celebration held the first days of school. Every year, for the past three years, Lowry Leadership has hosted this event, and with great success. This year’s theme was ‘Why settle for silver and bronze when you can have blue and gold!’ All the events revolving around this week concerned the Olympics in one way or another.

The week consisted of a Welcome Back Assembly, Tuesday Trivia, Olympic Ring Scavenger Hunt, Giant Slide/cookies/water, music and fun in the front of the school.

Freshman Julia Dufurrena said, “Welcome Back Week was a good idea; it was fun. It made everyone seem more welcome and not as nervous.”

Student Body Vice-President, Nathan Betteridge, said quite a bit of planning went into the celebration.

“We met at least three times the week before school started, and then set everything up,’ said Betteridge.

His favorite activity was on Thursday when the slide was in front of the school.

For the most part, the student body seemed to enjoy the week. Student Body Treasurer, Jordan Sloan said, “We have more extreme events planned for the future.”

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