What does the homecoming game mean to the Buckaroos?

What does the homecoming game mean to the Buckaroos?

By Stella Hammargren

The Homecoming game against South Tahoe was quite the game with the Buckaroos winning 38-20. Luke Fentress, Roan Hornbarger and Logan Jonas were interviewed on their thoughts on the game.

The homecoming game was a very emotional but exciting game for many seniors, one of these seniors is Hornbarger.

“I’m most excited about it being the homecoming game and we get one last chance to play for our home team,” Hornbarger said.

The players work very hard to impress the crowd, these become motivators for some players.

“My teammates and impressing the crowd and coaches help me go onto the field,” Fentress said.

The homecoming game was extremely special for some players, one of them being Hornbarger.

“The game was special because it was our last homecoming game, it gave us one more chance to show the crowd who we were,” Hornbarger said.

The homecoming game was almost a privilege for some players, this is because it was their last game with the seniors.

“I feel that the last home game with the seniors was truly a privilege because I will never be able to play with them again, “Jonas said.