What is on top of your bucket list?

What is on top of your bucket list?

By Trenton Smith Posted April 18, 2012

Life is relatively short. There are few situations where people live to be 90, fewer for 95, and it is a rare sight to see someone turn the age of 100. So people usually make a thing called a bucket list, where you list the things that you want to do before you die.

Personally, I want to become a famous soldier or general and then build a big cabin up in the Appalachian Mountains where people will leave me alone. But that’s just my opinion.

Ashley Mojica, a freshman, said she “wants to go see the orchestra in France” before she dies.

I would say that that is a pretty good thing to do. I know that I also want to go see the Boston Pops Orchestra. That would be a dream come true.

Christian Rives, a freshman, said, “I want to go to Italy before I die.”

I would say that as well. I would just make sure that I knew enough Italian to tell them to speak English for me. I learned that from a past mistake. My parents and I went to Puerto Rico a few years ago, and it was really beautiful there. The problem was that the global positioning system (GPS) was messed up and we ended up out in the Puerto Rican countryside looking for our hotel before we decided to call the hotel.

One of us could speak any Spanish and there were only a handful of people who spoke English at the hotel. So I want to make sure that I can tell people to speak in English in whatever language they speak in before I go to a foreign country.

J.D. Martin, another freshman, said, “I want to spend my final days in Greece.”

I would say that I would want to go to Greece, but maybe not my last days. I’d rather spend my last days in the county I was born in back home in Alabama. And again, I want to make sure that I can say, “Speak English, please,” in Greek before I go.

I just have a question…what’s with everyone wanting to go to Europe? You know how many riots they are having in different countries?

Oh, well. People have the right to their own choices. This especially should go for making your own Bucket List. I encourage everyone to make their own Bucket List just so that they can try and at least do some of the things they want to do in life before they die.