What to Watch: ‘Black Mirror’

By Julianna Gonzalez Posted March 6, 2018

Netflix’s original series “Black Mirror” is one brilliant show. It’s very different from other shows Netflix has to offer so that’s what makes it unique. Each episode of “Black Mirror” is completely different, with new characters and a new story. The main point of it is it gives you an idea about what technology can do to society and it makes you think about the future.

There are four seasons and the newest season came out recently. There are four to six episodes per season and each episode is an hour long. You honestly can watch the show in any order because like I said before, each episode has nothing to do with the previous one.

While watching this show, it is very important to be paying attention the whole time and not be texting or doing any other activity. Three really good episodes are The Entire History of You, season 1, Be Right Back, season 2, and Nosedive, season 3.

The Entire History of You shows how technology impacts our lives and the self-destructive power it can hold.

Be Right Back makes you think how far one could go with technology to make unnatural events happen.

Nosedive is relevant to high schoolers because it ties in with how social media defines you. In this episode, everything has to do with a rating. You have to have a certain score to do things or to be accepted in society.

Almost every episode of Black Mirror leaves you feeling a bit open-minded but confused at the same time. It’s pretty interesting to see what our future can be turned into and how technology can take over our lives.

I am glad a show like Black Mirror exists. Most shows these days tie in with the same storyline which could get boring. It’s refreshing to watch something new.