What to Watch: ‘Dance Moms’

By Kaity Sample Posted November 21, 2013

Entertainment has come to a new level of experiencing drama. The reality TV show, “Dance Moms”, revolves around five moms filled with never-ending drama, their daughters dancing, and an angry dance coach.

The instructor, Abby, has a lot to say and won’t hesitate. The dance team travels the country and competes against some of the top dancers. They are on a long journey to success. Each week Abby puts the dancers in a pyramid with who she thought was the worst at the bottom, and the nest at the top. This makes the moms furious when their daughter isn’t the so-called favorite.

Rival, Cathy, from Candy Apples Dance Academy, brings drama to the entire competition. Through the drama, these seven little girls dance their hearts out in order to place in the competition and work for a scholarship. If you like watching parents live through their children this is definitely the show for you. Dance Moms premiers Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.