What to Watch: ‘Ground Floor’

By Rylee Mathis Posted January 14, 2014

“Ground Floor” is a workplace comedy that first aired on TBS on November 14. The show was co-created by Bill Lawrence (“Scrubs”, “Cougar Town”) and Greg Malins (“Friends”, “How I Met Your Mother”).

Its lead characters include Skylar Astin from the box-office hit movie “Pitch Perfect”, “Scrubs” star John C. McGinley, and Briga Heelan who made a brief appearance on “Cougar Town.” This show follows the life of Brody, a top-floor workaholic who falls for Jennifer, a slacker who works in the same building on the ground floor.

Their new relationship is tested in almost every episode whether it be because of Harvard, a jealous coworker to Jenny who repeatedly tries to sabotage their relationship, or because of material things like birthday gifts and baseball through their differences, Jenny and Brody always find their way back to each other at the end of each episode- with some very humorous banter throughout.

Aside from the odd relationship, there are many other components of hilarity on ‘Ground Floor’. Brody’s boss, Mansfield, who often treats Brody as a son, adds real zest to the components of the show. In one episode, Mansfield is seen doing stretches naked in the company steam room.

There are many reasons to watch ‘Ground Floor’, but the most obvious is Skylar Astin’s hot body and beautiful voice.

“Ground Floor” airs on TBS on Thursdays at 5 p.m.