Whatever Happened To?

By Kate Morton Posted December 20, 2016

Remember those trends everyone was crazy about but just kind of disappeared after time? What even were they and why were they so popular?

Remember seeing the meme ermahgerd? Its popularity fell off the face of the Earth just as fast as it became a trend. What about the Kylie Jenner challenge when everyone was giving themselves temporary botox treatments by putting your lips inside a shot glass and sucking all the blood to your lips making them increase in size?

Or maybe you and your friends used to talk to ghosts by doing the Charlie Charlie challenge, stacking two pencils on each other. If they moved Charlie was definitely in your presence and you and your friends most likely ran off screaming.

For those who think its fun to make your friends sick, you insisted on them doing the banana and sprite challenge, eating two bananas then chasing it down with a liter of sprite causing the person to get sick and in most cases puke.

The only trend we definitely wish was still around is the ice bucket challenge. The ice bucket challenge was where someone would nominate another person to pour a bucket of ice water over his/her head in an attempt to raise awareness for ALS. Out of all these silly trends that was the only one worth our time.